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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hello gardening world!

I consider myself very lucky to have an across-the-street neighbor, Kathy Staymates, who's taken the time to transform her front yard at 7424 Woodsboro Avenue, Anaheim, CA, into a stunning, come-hither sight of a garden (above picture). It's such a refreshing visual for anyone coming from the stressful world outside! Kathy, a garden designs specialist, also has a "garden for the soul" right in her backyard, a place where you get the sense you're in a forest with the lush greens punctuated with the sweet fragrance wafting from the jasmine flowers in the evening--a wonderful ecological buffer from the busy traffic coursing through La Palma Avenue in the back.

What used to be a bare front lawn and an urban backyard have become something that could induce an ethereal mood swing. With a little effort, you, too, could do something to that bare patch in your yard and transform it from boring into something lovely, may be something to be ecstatic about. How? May be you can share us with your particulars and we'll try our best to suggest some gardening tips. May be other readers can share their experiences with you. Or, may be we can refer you to someone who can help you with your unique gardening situation.

If you just want to create a calming indoor water garden, or turn your backyard into a tranquil oasis, or enjoy the harvest from your very own vegetable garden, or care to know what fruit trees you may grow in the backyard, or if you are intrigued with bonzais or those beautiful orchids, and oh, those colorful roses, we may be able to find some gardening tips for you, or point you to the information that you need. Think GREEN! Think about the fresh oxygen contribution from your plants and whatever effect they have to help reduce global warming. Think about the beauty you are capable of creating and the joys you reap.

Well, if you already have a beautiful home garden and wish to share us with some pictures that we may publish in this blog, please email them as attachments to We'll pick the ones that will be posted or showcased here. We surely will appreciate any gardening tips you could share as well. And thanks for your comments.